Thank you for visiting Our website was created with the sole purpose of offering bitcoins at today’s market price. Since the time bitcoins first appeared, we had sensed the potential in virtual currency as a profitable future investment and have been investing in it since 2009, a year after “Satoshi Nakamoto” had created the bitcoin. In winter 2011 we attended the BitConferrence in Prague, and afterwards we started purchasing bitcoins at a price of 2$/BTC and have been investing and trading in them ever since.
We believe that Bitcoin presents a low risk investment because its value is not controlled by government agencies;

– bitcoin has started gaining popularity, Due to the declining trust in banks, (especially after the situation in Cyprus)

– Bitcoin trading keeps bringing in huge profits not only to the companies who adopted bit coin as their payment system but also to people who invested money in it;

-Living Examples Of People Who Make it Big Investing In Bitcoin

Step 1:
Check the charts to see the current price of bitcoin.Step 2:
P.S: You can first buy a trial order of small denomination (to check the quality of our service) if satisfied by our service, you can then proceed to ordering a larger amount and become eligible for a discount.Step 3:
Our sales representative will contact you with further details of how to complete the transaction and verify your bitcoin address.

Step 4:
As soon as we get the fund transfer confirmation from our bank or the Western Union MTCN we will transfer the ordered amount of bitcoins to the provided bitcoin wallet address.

Step 1:
Check the charts to see the current price of bitcoin.Step 2:
Send us an email regarding your quantity of bitcoins available for sale.Step 3:
Our sales representative will give you a quote and if we both agree we can proceed to the transaction.

Step 4:
As soon as we get the bitcoins to our wallet, we will send the funds to you.

Q: Do you offer a trial order?
A: Yes , we do offer.

Q: Which payment forms do you accept?
A: We accept a wide range of payment methods like Western Union, Moneygram and Bank Transfer.

Q: Which currency do you accept?
A: We accept all kind of currencies.

Q: How do I receive the bitcoins I had ordered?
A: The ordered amount of bitcoins will be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet once we receive the transaction confirmation from our financial partners.

Q: How long does it takes for the coins to appear in my wallet?
A: The bitcoin transfer process usually takes no more than few hours (if the transaction is initiated between 9:00 AM -18:00 PM GMT) and takes a maximum of 24hrs (1 business day) to get reflected in your wallet if done during non business hours.

Q: Do you also cater to international clients?
A: Yes, we cater to clients from all around the world. We cater to anyone who has a working Western Union, Moneygram or Bank account.

Q: How do I get paid if I want to sell Bitcoins?
A: We offer multiple payment options like Western Union Money transfer, Bank Wire and Moneygram.

Q: Do you charge any commission?
A: Yes, we charge a small amount as commission.

Q: How Much commission do you charge?
A: Our charges are the lowest any dealers provide and it depends up on the total transaction amount.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: We do not directly accept credit card transactions but you can transfer funds through Western Union using your credit/debit card provided this facility is available in your country (please go through Western Union website for more information) or Moneybookers.

Q: How can I confirm that a Bitcoin transfer was made?
A: You can check all your bitcoin transactions by visiting this website